Tuesday, March 02, 2010

More FSO humor: consular vs political

Thanks to Muttering Behind the Hardline for noticing this piece on the difference between consular and political work at Adventures in Good Countries. It is hysterical and 100% spot on!

I particularly sprayed Mountain Dew over this:

CONS: This is urgent! [Read: Someone is in danger!]

POL: This is urgent! [Read: Washington wants this real bad like!]

And this:

There aren't any FSNs in POL. Well, I mean, there are, but not physically in POL -- they're way over there, in the unclassified part of the building that you never think to step foot in. You probably have no idea what they're doing. In fact, you, PolOff, said to have your fingers on the proverbial pulse of the country in which you're stationed, can go pretty much all day without even seeing a Jordanian. Try that in CONS, and the FSNs will come find you and feed you things.

And let me tell you, the thing I miss most about Jerusalem is Consular FSNs (and how well they fed me).

It is important to note that you will NOT lose weight in a consular section.

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