Tuesday, March 02, 2010

OIG report on PA and the 3-page coffee pot memo

I will start off with telling you I have not read the IG report. However, DiploPundit, who is clearly a better person than I am, did, and found some doozies:

The Office of Broadcast Services (PA/OBS) [...] "enjoys a strong reputation for customer service and technical expertise. However, acrimonious internal management problems have eroded teamwork and contributed to a tense and unproductive work environment. Bureau management must take action to address the leadership issues in the office.” Some items of note:

#2: Tensions have boiled over into confrontations be­tween the office director and employees that resulted in disciplinary or administra­tive actions against subordinates on several occasions. Several employees expressed concerns to the OIG team that violence in the workplace could result because of the high levels of workplace animosity and tension.


#6: One employee cited a three-page memorandum that the office direc­tor issued to all staff on the proper use of the office coffee pot as an example of the unproductive interchange that now prevails. Seriously? Man, I want to read that memo, pronto!"

I confess I knew about #2 already, but #6 is new to me. I really need to see that memo too!

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Jen said...

I am really, really hoping that you find the coffee pot memo...would so love to see that!