Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Sec. Rice: Condolences for Our Colleagues in Iraq

Below is a letter of condolence from Secretary Rice for those who lost thier lives this morning in Iraq.

Condolences for Our Colleagues in Iraq

The attack in Sadr City that killed State Department employee Steven L. Farley, along with two civilian employees from DOD and two military personnel today, is a terrible reminder of the dangers that our colleagues face daily in advancing our critical foreign policy goals.

Steven Farley’s devotion to public service was reflected in his many years of duty in the United States Navy Reserve, and to his hometown of Guthrie, Oklahoma. Farley was mobilized shortly after September 11th, and served with distinction on the staff of the U.S. Seventh Fleet in the western Pacific. Along with thousands of other citizen-patriots, he volunteered to serve in Iraq, joining the State Department in April 2007. He was one of the hundreds of dedicated men and women serving on Provincial Reconstruction Teams, helping the citizens of Iraq to rebuild and revitalize their local governments after years of Saddam’s tyranny.

Our heartfelt sympathy and gratitude go out to Steven Farley’s family and his wife Donna, and to the numerous men and women who worked alongside him in Iraq. I have conveyed my sympathy to Ambassador Ryan Crocker; I salute the courage and commitment of all of our colleagues in Iraq.

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