Sunday, June 22, 2008

Kind Words

Liam Schartz with the blog Immigration Daily had some kind words to say about this blog. He quoted the piece I wrote in reponse to Dead Men Working's May 23 piece in his June issue of "Consular Corner," writing:

"Quote of the Corner

"Gays and lesbians too continue to love and have faith in this country even though this country STILL does not love and have faith in us. We are STILL expected to ride at the back of the proverbial bus, and I recognize that other minorities are in similar positions. What has happened is not that the country has recognized that discrimination is wrong so much as it has replaced the socially acceptable targets of derision and discrimination. I hope soon though that our country will love and have faith in all of us, and in particular, recognize the greater patriotism is takes to serve a country that does not keep faith with you."

"Digger," a Foreign Service Officer, on the inequities facing gays and lesbians at the State Department. Digger's superb blog can be found here: "

Thanks Liam!

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