Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Officially official

I don't know if I mentioned it or not, but last week, my tenure became officially official. When you get tenured (your first opportunity to be considered is at the first meeting of the tenuring board after you have served 36 months), it is really a "recommendation" that you be tenured. To my knowledge, no one has been recommended and refused, and once you get the recommendation, you can bid as a tenured officer.

But it isn't officially official until the President signs off of it. That often takes 6 months or more. For most, that is a meaningless technicality. But for me, it meant that while doing shift work, I got "premium pay" rather than a straight 13% shift differential. So I only got paid extra for the weekend and late shifts I actually worked. Those with tenure get 13% across the board because they aren't allowed overtime, and the 13% amounts to more than the premium pay.

So now I am official. The President has signed and I will get a nice certificate suitable for framing showing I am a tenured commissioned officer. It is a nice feeling.

And the extra money is nothing to sneeze at either. DC is expensive! I am already looking forward to going back overseas!


Anonymous said...

Congrats on the tenure!

So there is no housing allowance for DC? That strikes me as giving people a huge disincentive to do a stateside tour.

Digger said...

There is no housing allowing unless you are here on TDY. You do get locality pay of just over 20%, but overseas you get housing and can rent out your place here (if you have one). So it is much more expensive here unless you are doing a tour someplace like western Europe (which I can't imagine doing unless I was MUCH higher up the food chain!).

hannah said...

Hello, this is a bit out of the blue but I've been following your trek across the FS landscape on the 2002 A100 Yahoo! group. Thanks for lots of advice and stories over the year or so it took for me to get hired. (I was in the September 2007 class, and I'm headed out to Riyadh this coming September.)

Anyway, my point in commenting was to say congrats on tenure!

Digger said...

Thanks so much! And welcome to the service!