Saturday, January 19, 2008

Not a Good Start

The universe was conspiring to make me late to work this morning.First, my alarm didn't go off. Seems I set it for PM instead of AM. Then, my hairspray bottle had a clog, sending a stream directly into my eye. Hairspray burns, by the way. Then, as I am about to pull out of our parking lot, I realize I didn't have my badge. Not having a badge is bad enough on a weekday, but it would be nearly impossible to function without it on the weekend. I need it a minimum of four times to get in and out of the doors I use on this shift on the weekend (even more if I was doing the Watch Officer position instead of the copy clerk position), and that is if I never go to the restroom or upstairs.Still, I made it to work on time. Now if I could just wake up!

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