Monday, April 30, 2007

Packing Out and Checking Out

There is nothing like packing your UAB (unaccompanied baggage, or your air freight) to show you how much you have that you really don't need. The department gives each officer 250 lbs of air freight, meaning M and I together had 500 lbs. Of course, since we are not legally married, we had to create separate inventories, but in the end, that amounted to packing until they hit 250 lbs and then calling that mine. Then they packed the rest of the stuff. Even with last minute additions of stuff we could probably live without (mostly more clothes), we still came about 125 lbs short. I argued for thowing in some of the carpets or paintings, but in the end, we just let it go as is.

The problem with packouts it that it signals the end. And without my planning it, my brain said, "Oh, we're done." I am now finding it positively unbearable to be in the office, not a good sign with two weeks left. Fortunately, at least for the most part, I have plenty to do between now and the day we leave, most of it involving preparations to leave. So maybe I will succeed in not driving myself insane between now and then!

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