Tuesday, April 03, 2007

More on the Golan

From Banias, we headed to Nimrod's Fortress. The fortress was begun in 1227 C.E. by al-Moatis, the governor of Damascus to protect the road to his city. The fortress was expanded westward in 1230. In 1253, the Crusaders tried unsuccessfully to take the fortress. The fortress was conquered by Mameluke commander Baybars in 1260, and he awarded the fort to Bilik, his second in command. Bilik refurbished the fortress and constructed the largest tower there.

Nimrod's Fortress

Today we went to Rosh HaNikra, right on the Lebanon border. At Rosh HaNikra, the Mediterrainian has carved out "grottos" into the rock walls. You take a cable car down to the entrance and can walk through pathways along the grottos. There was a storm at sea so the water was extremely rough, but it was still beautiful.

A Large Wave Comes Through

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