Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Well That Was Fast...

Wow...250 lbs goes FAST!

The movers were supposed to arrive between 10 and 12 this morning. To my utter shock, they got here early!

Luckily, I was ready.

I set aside a pile of stuff on our spare bed. I told them to start with my clothes, and then we'd work through the pile in priority order.

Who knew I had so many clothes??

They packed all my work clothes, shoes and golf shirts.

And that was 150lbs!

I immediately knew I would not be getting all of my pile into the the next 100lbs. So I put in pet food, pillows, some sweat shirts, coats (gotta have the coats!), towels, extra sheets, a blanket.

And that was 107lbs!

Well crap...

So we took some stuff out. I can mail myself the sheets. I had wanted to have some office decorations early on, but that too can wait.

So we pulled stuff out, added in the wii and a few games.

The rest, including the new tv, will have to go into my HHE. Thank goodness post has a tv in the welcome kit!

Tomorrow, the HHE folks come. I am nearly done with all my sorting. I have created a "safe place" where I can stash anything I want to make sure is NOT packed.

Like my suitcases. And the pets.


Caitlin said...

Boy is that a familiar scene! I had to take stuff out of my UAB to put in HHE and some stuff that wouldn't fit in the suitcase or UAB was put in a box and shipped to me. Just arrived today and beat the UAB, so that's an option for you, too. Good luck, and I know what you're going through!

Digger said...

I mailed myself two boxes weeks ago (a cage for my parrot and sheets for the bed...embasy sheets suck) and they re already there. I mailed my wii games today and will send the other box of stuff tomorrow.