Tuesday, August 23, 2011


This is why I hate being separated from my wife.

I am sitting at my computer, blissfully surfing the interwebs and watching CNN International and the happenings in Libya.

I was in a good mood. I had a good day, had a good dinner, and even got to watch some football (on ESPN America...sure it was from last night, but hey, I didn't know the final score!).

Then they break in on CNN: If you are wondering why we are showing a picture of the Capital Building, it is because there has just been a 5.8 richter earthquake in Virginia.


The epicenter was near Richmond...but if they could feel it in DC, then it was entirely too close to my wife at FSI and our cats in Arlington.

Thank god for Facebook...I posted for her to let me know she was okay (because she wasn't answering her cell), and she did really quickly. Soon after that, I was able to talk to her.

The house and cats are probably fine. She said she would call me if there was a problem.

For once, I am hoping not to hear from her.

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