Tuesday, August 09, 2011

Packing my UAB

Whitney over at The Dubinsky's Travels said that they are packing out this week and wondered what I am putting in my UAB. Since I am packing mine out tomorrow, I thought I'd just make a new post of it.

First, it is important to get a list from your post of what is in your welcome kit and to find out whether you get to keep it until your HHE arrives. Because if you have to return it once you get your UAB, that changes everything.

My post, according to the list I got and to some friends who arrived there recently, has a pretty decent welcome kit. And we get to keep it until our HHE arrives. So I won't be packing any of my kitchen supplies into my UAB. (And as of today, it is all sorted and ready for the HHE packers...hooray!).

For my UAB, I am packing a small tv, wii and games, and a vcr. Check with your post about whether the welcome kits include a tv...this could be vital if you have kids (I don't but I still want one. My post actually includes a tv, but I am probably bringing mine in the UAB anyway if I have the weight). Also bring toys and maybe some favorite snacks for your kids and pets. It will ease their adjustment.

I am also bringing sheets, pillows and towels. Yes, the embassy provides those, but I bet they won't feel as nice as the ones you sleep on at home. In fact, I actually mailed myself a set of sheets and a mattress pad (embassy bedding is notoriously uncomfortable, at least in my experience. I am actually bringing my own bed, and I am putting a set of sheets for it in my UAB so that I don't have to unpack all of my HHE before I can make the bed when it arrives.)

I am of course bringing most of my clothes in my UAB. I am packing five or six suits and two weeks worth of work shirts in my suitcase, but the rest is going in my UAB. As are my heavy coats...I don't want the Estonian winter to arrive before my coats do! And of course my electronics...though they will be in my carry on...my computer, ipad, kindle (gotta have books!), ipod (gotta have music!)...plus all of my important documents, like passports, animal health certificates, etc, will be in my carry on.

I also put in a few pieces of art or carpets to make the place a little more homey until my HHE arrives.

I think that is everything I have in mine. Did I miss anything?

Like I said, yours could be very different depending on how long you get to keep your welcome kit and what is in it.


Whitney said...

thanks so much. it was a HUGE help! i never thought you would go above and beyond answering our question. you have no idea how much you helped us. Psst you inspired my husband to add the wii.

Digger said...

I'm glad I could help!

Consul-At-Arms said...

I've quoted you and linked to you here: http://consul-at-arms2.blogspot.com/2011/11/re-packing-my-uab.html

Digger said...

Thanks for the link!