Monday, August 08, 2011

Do.Not.Want do anything.

I haven't been motivated to blog much lately.

Or do much of anything else since getting back from vacation.

Periodically I put something in my UAB pile. I took clothes to the dry cleaner and Cayenne to the vet. Then sometimes I take stuff OUT of the UAB pile (I can't decide if I want to take dishes and utensils since that will be in the welcome kit that I get to keep until my HHE arrives.

But mostly I am unmotivated.

Don't get me wrong. I am eager to get to January.

But I am not eager to leave my life behind. Specifically, for me, home is where my wife is. So Estonia won't be home for the first six months.

So I am moving more by remote control than anything. I am driven by visits have to happen at a certain time, UAB and HHE get packed Wednesday and Thursday. Last minute consultations tomorrow.

I'll get my act together eventually...maybe by January.

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Whitney said...

It would appear your friends at are packing out the same week. This is our first pack out and I was hoping you could help us better understand what in the world to put in UAB.

Whats in your stack?