Saturday, August 27, 2011


Clearly, I will spend a lot of the next three years in meetings.

My day basically starts out with a meeting, the press briefing. I come in at least an hour before it starts to try to prepare for it, basically searching the internet to see what has been said in the press about Estonia or us in the past day. We have someone on the local staff who does the same thing for the Estonian and Russian media here, and she does a fantastic job.

After the press briefing, I return to my office and try to sort through my email. I like organization, so I go through and sort and file what I can, direct others where they need to go and list who the action is currently with. This task is wouldn't believe the amount of stuff that comes in. There might be a draft of a speech or of a press release. There might be a grant request, or a meeting to arrange. Always there is the daily message and press summaries coming through. And of course, event planning.

I'll be going to one of those events later today. In conjunction with the Ice Cream Party, we are co-sponsoring a Soap Box Derby. Should be a lot of fun.

I managed to eat my lunch at a decent hour yesterday, and then had a meeting out at the Tallinn University of Technology. Some impressive folks there...Skype is out there. We talked about all sorts of visitors programs with them, as well at the Baltic American Freedom Foundation innovation award we are working on. Top prize is 10,000 euros, second is 5,000 euros. These are just the sorts of folks we'd love to see compete.

In the afternoon there were conference calls, more email sorting, and the like. I got home around six, in time to walk the dog before heading to dinner with a friend. We walked out to Kadriorg and ate at a little Thai place there. Not as good as my favorite Thai place in South Arlington, but still perfectly acceptable. It was a nice walk too...maybe 15 minutes.

Can I tell you how much I LOVE living in the city? Seriously, almost everything I need is in walking distance.

Except of course, the place my sponsor took me to today. Prisma. It is kind of like an Estonian Walmart. I was able to do some grocery shopping, plus buy a dust pan, trash can, and alarm clock! I could have also bought clothes, shoes, sporting goods, fishing equipment, towels and gardening supplies. But I don't actually need those things.

I leave shortly to go sailing. The weather for it is AMAZING! Sunny, in the 70s (the thermostat at a nearby bank said 31, which is about 87, but I am not sure I believe that.

They say the weather will change soon, so I am very glad to be enjoying it while I can!

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