Saturday, July 30, 2011

Where the Devil Have You Been?

Hello? Is anybody out there?

Or has my lack of posting chased you all away?

Seriously, don't you think I would post if I could? And don't you think I deserve a vacation, even if that means that I don't have much internet access?

For the three of you still with me, I am back in the Carolinas now. After wrapping up what felt a lot like an eating tour of Savannah (no, we never did go to Paula Deen's, but I think we are going to try her place in Cherokee), we headed to Atlanta to spend a couple days with my dad. We took a trip to Stone Mountain...the last time I was there was like milliseconds before I came out...I went up there to see a laser light show with some friends, one of whom soon became a much better friend. She is still one of my closest friends (and probably among the three of you still reading...but since one of the other two is probably my dad, I will move along!).

Yesterday, we headed from Atlanta to Asheville, NC. We like to stay at these cabins just outside of town. This trip, we are staying in the one I looked at the last time we were here and thought, that is where I want to stay next time.

It is idea of roughing it...a full kitchen, king bed, deck overlooking the national forest, and a hot tub right outside of the bedroom.

It also attracts the occasional visitor.

This afternoon, we headed to the French Broad to do some tubing...a nice relaxing way to spend an afternoon provided you don't direct your friend's tube into a bridge column. Sorry about that!
And now that I have updated you, I am going to fulfill another requirement...a nap.

This vacation thing is exhausting!

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sclawgrl said...

Sounds absolutely fabulous.