Saturday, July 09, 2011

And Just Like That, I Was Done

Yesterday was my last day in language training.

It is weird, and kind of sad, for it to be over.

And anti-climactic too, since I took my test a week ago.

Suddenly, I was just done.

I asked my teacher if everyone was stupid after their tests, though I did feel less stupid by Friday. She said she didn't one had ever hung around. They just took their test and disappeared. Which is what I suppose I would have done had my test been this week instead of last. But I didn't want to burn the extra leave.

I feel pretty good about my language skills. It still amazes me sometimes, as someone who studied languages throughout high school and college (plus had a grandfather who taught me some German as a kid) that the Department can take someone without a single word in a language and make them able to read and converse reasonably well in less than a year.

So now I settle in to the tasks of preparing to leave. My cleaning, sorting and tossing has to begin in earnest. I have just under six weeks left.

Last night, I broke down and bought my own ticket. I found that by paying for a round trip flight, I could end up paying more than $300 LESS than I would have to pay to be on the same flight one-way if the government "bought" the ticket. So I did it, since I was going to have to pay anyway. I also finally got my parrot's CITES certificate, and this morning, since I now have a paid ticket on the flight, I am going to make reservations for her and my dog.

I also set about scanning some important documents into my computer, not the least of which was the aforementioned CITES certificate. I really really do not want a repeat of what I went through getting her home from Jerusalem.

Why must getting to post be such a challenge EVERY.SINGLE.TIME?


Keeping Pace said...

Congrats on conquering your language test and safe travels to post!

alex said...

I'd hoped it was just getting to the first post that was difficult... Darn.

Digger said...

Nope. Sorry Alex. It is every time. Every single time you wonder if they have ever gotten anyone to post.

Rachel said...

Sa oled esimene inimene, kellel on vaja reisida mingisse riiki diplomaatilise töö pärast. Duh. Vabanda, ma mõtlesin dduuhh.

Editfish said...

Congrats on finishing language training, but it sucks about your ticket. Will you be around FSI much in January when you come back for your wife?

Digger said...

Probably not Edit. Just coming for the wife will be there though.