Tuesday, July 05, 2011

I'm With Stupid

And I'm alone.

Clearly when I did my brain dump for my language exam on Thursday, I forgot to make back up copies of the data first.

So now I am in my last week of language training, and I have NOTHING in my brain. My poor long-suffering teacher. I don't know how she didn't lose her patience, or at least her mind, with me today.

I can't remember stupid stuff...words I have long known. I don't know where it went.

I suppose part of it is just the mental break...language test done, time to plan to move sort of thing. Because now my thoughts aren't consummed with Estonian. They are consumed with sorting my stuff for packout. Buying my tickets. Packing my suitcase...can't do that until after my vacation, which is the other thing on my brain.

Boy do I need a vacation.

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Diplopotamus said...

I had Commercial Tradecraft in my last 5 days before leaving FSI, and it was SO hard to concentrate while in the midst of packing out/getting visas and other nonsense. Feel your pain, but it'll be over soon!