Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Getting Things in Order

If you ever wondered why the Department gives us paid days to organize our moves, you will stop wondering after your first one.

I have been as busy today as I have with any normal work day. There is entirely too much to get done.

Organizing. Tossing. Mailing. Lists. So many lists.

Complicating this move is the fact that my wife is not moving with me. So when the movers called today (because they thought they were packing my UAB this, that would be the packout survey...) and asked if they could just do my UAB and HHE on the same day, I said no. No way can I handle separating my UAB and HHE from what we need to leave here. Has to be different days.

Tomorrow is more consultations. I'm particularly excited about meeting the eight Fulbrighters heading to Estonia.

I am not excited about putting on a suit again when they are calling for it to be over 100 degrees.

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