Friday, July 22, 2011


One more thing off my packout survey is done.

He estimates that I will be taking about 2,200 lbs worth of stuff with me to post.

That is only because my wife, and all of her books, are not joining me immediately.

I have also designated a cat (and therefore cat-barf) free zone for my UAB and have begun taking stuff there. I have a a tv in there and I just packed up my wii and guitar hero, so you know you want to come visit and play with me.

My lists are getting more and more crossed off of them.

And tomorrow starts the most important thing of all:


I'll *try* to post some during the course of our trip, which will take us down to Savannah and then over to Asheville, with a stop in Hotlanta (an especially apt name today...) to see my dad.

Speaking of the heat, here is a picture my cousin sent me today of an ice cream truck in South Carolina.

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Bethany and Will said...

We LOVE Asheville (especially since it's only 1 1/2 hours away :-)

Make a stop at Pack's Tavern (downtown by the fire station) - the back patio is great to sit on and the food is delicious!