Wednesday, July 03, 2013

Una-fjord-able Norway Part 3 - Return to Oslo

We headed back to Oslo on Friday. The train ride took 7 hours or so, but it was so much more comfortable than a plane (and I did not get motion sick...bonus!) that even with the screaming kid the last hour or so, it was totally worth it.

Saturday morning, we went to the Viking museum. Two things: I think Vikings are really cool, plus I have profound jealously of archaeologists who get to recover wood, leather and textiles. So this museum was a pretty cool cap off to the trip.

Plus we got to eat at TGI Fridays, which does American-style burgers, and really, no one does a burger as good as we do. So in spite of the cost (holy crap...I'd tell you, but my wife reads this blog and I told her not to look, I would just pay the bill, but to give you a clue, even our little bar food meal of burger and a beer for her and fajitas and a soda for me was over $100!), definitely worth the trip. And I need to go back...there are other cool things to see and do in Oslo!

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