Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Haiti Assistance

For those with loved ones affected by the 7.0 earthquake that struck Haiti yesterday evening, the following notice was sent by the State Department:

Americans are urged to contact the Embassy via email at to request assistance. Americans in Haiti can call the Embassy’s Consular Task Force at 509-2229-8942, 509-2229-8089, 509-2229-8322, or 509-2229-8672. The State Department has also created a task force to monitor the emergency. People in the U.S. or Canada with information or inquiries about U.S. citizens in Haiti may reach the Haiti Task Force at 888-407-4747. Outside of the U.S. and Canada, call 202-501-4444.

You can also find more information here.

Also, please consider texting and donating $10 dollars to the Haiti relief effort. Simply text "HAITI" to "90999" and a donation of $10 will be given automatically to the Red Cross to help with relief efforts, charged to your cell phone bill.

And please keep all those in Haiti, especially those serving our country there (one of whom is still not accounted for), in your thoughts and prayers. All of us in the Foreign Service know how easily it could be us.

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