Friday, January 08, 2010

DC Agenda: State Dept. issues guidance for FSOs with same-sex partners

This in the DC Agenda (formerly the Washington Blade) is about the cable I posted for you earlier this week.

State Dept. issues guidance for FSOs with same-sex partners
By Chris Johnson

A new State Department directive obtained this week by DC Agenda instructs U.S. embassies how to implement new rules for Foreign Service officers with same-sex partners.

The undated message brings into effect changes President Obama ordered in June as part of a memorandum that notably gave some partner benefits to LGBT federal workers.

In addition to these benefits, the June memorandum offered to the same-sex partners of FSOs resources for moving abroad, assistance in obtaining foreign visas as well as access to employment opportunities, emergency evacuation and embassy medical units.

This new cable directs U.S. embassies to carry out that June order by instructing posts to ask host countries to issue visas to the same-sex partners of FSOs. Embassies are exempt from taking this action only if they believe asking host countries for these visas would make allowing an FSO’s same-sex partner to accompany them more difficult.


Anonymous said...

All prohibited by the Defense of Marriage Act. Nice to see that Obama is violating his oath of office. And DOS personnel have nothing but contempt for the law when it is in conflict with their ideology.

Digger said...

Actually, you are incorrect. All of the benefits extended to same-sex partners are within the Secretary's authority to grant to family members. The attornies went through the list very carefully make certain that neither the letter nor spirit of DOMA was violated.