Thursday, July 10, 2008

So You Want To Be A Foreign Service Officer

The Director General of the Foreign Service, Harry Thomas, sent out this message. While the message was specifically geared towards State's interns, if you are interested in joining the Foreign Service, it provides the link to sign up for the test:


I am pleased to announce that this year the Department will be offering the Foreign Service Officer Test (FSOT) for the first time during the summer. This is an excellent opportunity to recruit the talented young interns who have been working with us over the past several weeks. If you have noticed an intern with the skills and passion to succeed in the Foreign Service, please take a moment to suggest that they take the test this summer.

The FSOT will be offered July 12-19. Interested candidates should register at They will need to complete a structured resume and reserve a slot at a nearby computer test center on one of the test days. The test itself will take about three hours. To show our support for their efforts, please allow interested interns time off to take the test during the work week.

Thank you for hosting interns in your bureau this summer and for helping us to recruit the best talent for the State Department.


Harry K. Thomas, Jr.

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