Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Another loss to the MOH policy

Today, Backlist, another Foreign Service Officer, posted her letter of resignation on her site. She yet another example of how the Department is costing itself real talent and loyal service by its antiquated MOH policy.

Here is her letter:

Dear Secretary Rice:

It is with the deepest regret that I submit my resignation from the Foreign Service. I have greatly enjoyed serving my country and the Department for ten years as a Foreign Service Officer. During this time I served as a General Services Officer in both Sao Paulo and Maputo, as the Ethiopia Desk Officer, on the INR Watch, and as a Deputy Coordinator teaching A-100 for incoming Foreign Service Generalists. However, I cannot in good conscience continue to subject my same-sex partner to discriminatory security, health, language, employment, training, travel and housing policies.

I would remain a Foreign Service Officer if I were confident that the Member of Household (MOH) policy would improve and offer support for my family. However, the discrimination inherent in the current Department of State MOH policy makes my continued service impossible. It is time the Department catch up to the private sector where the majority of Fortune 500 companies have domestic partnership benefits that that value employees and welcome their families. Particularly in a climate of increasing numbers of unaccompanied and dangerous posts, it is unconscionable that the Department has chosen to disregard opportunities where forward looking leadership and vision would have made an immeasurable difference in my partner’s everyday life.

Thank you for the opportunity to spend ten years in service to the United States. I have met so many wonderful people and along the way my colleagues have become my closest friends. Despite the treatment of my family as second class citizenry, I will treasure my memories of public service with the Department.

You can read her entire post here.

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