Thursday, October 21, 2010

Where Am I?

Becky over at Small Bits is doing this week's Foreign Service Blog Roundup and she asked that people submit pictures of where they are physically or mentally.

Physically, I am here (this is the window from my classroom. Note the total lack of fear from the geese...probably because they aren't studying Estonian):

Sorry I didn't have a pink picture in honor of Jen, but she already knows my thoughts and prayers are with her. And since she knows I am a big 'ole dyke, I hope she will understand and forgive the lack of pink.

Mentally, I am here:

Isn't my future home beautiful (even in the snow, which I hate. Yes, I know I am going to freeze to death). By the way, did you see that the UK's Daily Mail did a piece today on Tallin is this year's European Capital of Culture? This is a nice piece about Tallinn...I didn't see a mention of how hard the language is though.

Which reminds me that I never told you about our grammar boot camp.

It wasn't all that boot camp-ish. Mainly our teacher did a quick overview of the dreaded cases.

I am really enjoying having our teacher back. She speaks to us much more in Estonian than our substitute did, even for ordinary things. That makes class lots harder but also much better. I can already feel myself becoming more comfortable with the language.

Now if I can just find a cure for these brain cramps.


A Daring Adventure said...


You do know that you wrote about your lack of pink font, right? :) At least, your font translates into pink on *my* computer screen!

The poor geese. I love those geese. And the paper/plastic/whatever fake wolves around FSI just totally tick me off. I say, let the poor geese go wherever they durned well want to go! Why can't the geese be free to roam? They're sure as heck a lot prettier to look at than fake wolves...

Becky said...

I am so glad I saw this! No one submitted it. So luckily I popped over here. And you have pinkish type which totally counts :)

Becky said...

Your post has been included in the weekly State Department Blog Round Up

Thanks for your wonderful contribution!

Connie said...

Two lovely photos! I don't like being cold either, but if it must be cold, then I expect some of the pretty white stuff (don't mention shoveling... not listening... la la la la...) and the good thing about being in a place that is supposed to be cold, is the availability of resources to deal with the cold, ice, snow, etc. And bulky sweaters! I love bulky sweaters! ... but it has to be darn cold for me to stand them touching my skin, no matter what they're made of.

Daniela Swider said...

That was a nice piece about Tallinn. Makes me wanna go there despite the cold. Hang in there with the language. Knowing it will make your tour a lot more enjoyable!

Best of luck!

Becky said...
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Digger said...

Purple, I tell you! My font is purple!

As for the wolves, the accomplish nothing. I heard one of the geese laid her eggs up next to one to protect it from *real* threats!

Jen said...

Okay, Peter and I both looked at the photo of the geese and assumed at first you included it because of the pink rim outside! Then again, it might be the computer. Either way, yes, we know, but thank you many times over all the same!

Becky said...

Sorry that the blog round up thing posted twice.

Digger said...

No worries, Becky!