Tuesday, October 26, 2010

So Busted

I had my first consultation with my language instructor yesterday.

Things were going well, until she said, "so from your form, it seems that you think..."


Okay, so I am lame. I didn't fill out the form.

During our first week, we took all these tests to determine our learning style. I took them, again (I took them the first time I studied language too) and I was supposed to go and find out the results.

But I haven't bothered.

Last time, they said I have "thin boundaries," which means that I am a little nuts and that I will absorb information regardless of the means that it is thrown at me.

Both of those things are true. And I already knew them.

I also know that I have a preference for seeing things...I will remember a word better if I have seen it written.

None of this has changed, so I haven't gone in for that consultation.

And then our LTS gave us a form to fill out asking about our specific class. Apparently is asks what things we like, what we don't. What works. What doesn't.

I say apparently because I haven't filled it out. I haven't even looked at it.

So when our teacher guessed which form was mine, she was wrong, because they didn't have one.


Just as well...what she thought I thought wouldn't have been true for me anyway (if it had, I could have claimed that yes, that was my form).

I'm such a rebel.

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