Friday, October 01, 2010

Best Lunch Ever

We had a great GLIFAA lunch today, and the 156th comes close to being as gay as the 118th (I think we have held on to the title of gayest A-100 every by one person!).

I got to meet several people I had talked to, including fellow bloggers. But what was really nice was when I was talking to Cyn and Eva from we be rolling stones (OMG Eva makes great rum cake! Cyn is right...she married Martha Stewart!) when one of the folks asked if wel (GLIFAA) were behind this blog. And I said, "No, now we. Just me."

And he asked if he could hug me.

I am still surprised that people actually read my ramblings. But what I really really want is to help people. I want good people to join. And I especially want other LGBT folks to know that this is a good place for them.

So it makes me really really happy that people find it a useful blog.

And that made today the best lunch ever!


A Daring Adventure said...

Pshaw- of COURSE your blog is a useful blog! Quite, quite useful!

Never mind that you are you and that no one else is you, etc., there are also your awesome sidebars (and the time you spend on them!) and all the great stuff you blog so honestly about!

Cyn said...

Eva and I are honored that we scored a shout-out. :) Thanks again for hosting the brown bag and for serving as an incredible resource to queer FSOs and our families. Hope to work more with you in the future!