Thursday, October 14, 2010

Gay Pride in Belgrade

My wife came home yesterday and said someone had asked her why I hadn't blogged about gay pride in Belgrade on my blog. She asked the person, "What blog?"

Good answer!

Seriously, I hadn't covered it because I hadn't decided what exactly to say. It saddens me that there are still people in the world who react with violence just because people choose to stand up and demand basic human dignity.

But this is the time when I want to tell you how much I love straight allies. And you can see why when you go check out WoodLand Travels' post Standing in Solidarity.

Regina writes:

"Today I stood in solidarity for my gay brothers and sisters in an historic Gay Pride Parade in Belgrade, Serbia. It was the very first time in history that a pride parade was held in the nation's capital. Last year there was an attempt, but the protesters threatened to attack the police, the government said they could not guarantee the safety of the marchers, and a permit was not granted. This year, 5,000 police were on the street ready to protect. (No doubt, politics were behind this, as Serbia is still not a member of the EU.) Despite serious warnings of violence from the embassy (through the State Dept.), I decided that I wanted to go."

You should go and read her take on the day, both the joy of pride and the saddness at violence. And check out her pictures. Because how can you not like rainbows.

And thank you Regina, for standing with us! I wish everyone was a strong and brave!

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