Wednesday, October 06, 2010

Assisting in a good deed

Today I came out of language class to find a friend of mine walking with a folder held out flat.

There was a tiny bird on it.

Apparently Trey found the bird somewhere upstairs at the Foreign Service Institute. He put his folder down and the bird stepped on it (I worked with him when I was in INR and he was in Ops...he is just the sort of good guy you would expect to try to help a bird. I'd serve with him again in a heartbeat). He got on the elevator and came to the first floor, which is where I found him.

As he tried to head out the door, the bird got frightened and flew off the folder. He tried unsuccessfully to get the bird back onto the folder. It flew into a potted plant.

I have a bird, so I reached down and gently covered the birds wings, and picked it up. Trey opened the door for me and I released it.

It flew up into a tree. I am so glad Trey saved the little guy, and glad I got to help!

I think it was some sort of finch. It looked like this:

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