Wednesday, October 27, 2010

In which I am really cranky...

Today's language class will be interupted repeated for discussions of repairs but not for any actual repairs.

The first call was from the carpet company.

"Just want to let you know the men are on their way. They should be there soon so you can let them in."

"Remember that the key is in the lock box because I am at work?"

Oh yeah.

A little later, I call back. "Don't leave the door open. I have pets."

"Yes, you have a dog."

"Yes, and two cats. Don't let them out."


Second call from the carpet company.

"I am at the job site. You have a lot of books.

"Yes, the same number I had when you gave the estimate."

"But we are a floor company, not a moving company."

"Yes, but you told me you could move them if I packed up all my personal belongings. Which I did."

"Yes, but it is a lot of books. We could put them in the spare bedroom."

"Fine, but try not to freak out the bird, who is in the spare bedroom because you asked me to move her."


Third call. This from the contractor.

"So apparently you have moved a lot of stuff into the master bedroom."

"No, it is the same stuff that was there when your painters were there."

"Well the flooring company says there are a lot of books."

"Yes, the same ones that have always been there"

"I don't remember there being much in the master bedroom."

"No there isn't. There is nothing in there that wasn't there when the painters were there."

"But the flooring company can't move the books."

"But she told me when she did the estimate she would. And then she told me a few minutes ago she would put them in the spare room."

"I need to see if the insurance company will approve a packout."


Later, I call back. "Why don't you have the flooring company move the few books in my bedroom into the spare room. They can put carpet down in the bedroom and hall. Then I can move my office books to the bedroom so she can do the office."

"I'm waiting for her to call back. I'll suggest that and call you back."

Then no more calls.

I went to lunch.

I went home.

They had done NOTHING in my house except open my closet doors (why?), pulled out a cable cord and messed up the track on the door to my heat and air unit.

None of which has anything to do with the carpet.

And now? I can't get ANYONE on the phone.

Just shoot me.


SassAndSweet said...

I'm not sure if I'm supposed to "like" your post on Google Reader - it made me laugh... while inwardedly cringing at the shenanagins of the contracter and carpet folks. Much sympathy and what a nightmare... *crossing fingers* for you. At least the cats weren't let out?

A Daring Adventure said...

Oh NO. I'm so sorry. :( That sounds like crazy stress and a total nightmare.

ForeignObsession said...

A big UGH!!!