Thursday, April 15, 2010

Who Called?

In my office, we get LOTS of calls from journalists. Really lots. Like, we are the only people in the State Department journalists ever call, because if they call someone else, like, say, a political officer with allergies to journalists, they get directed to Public Affairs.

And we like journalists. We have mostly good relations with them and while they sometimes ask tough questions that we wish they wouldn't, we try to give them good answers and hope we can get our message out.

So we get these calls. From all over. And who would you guess would be the ones to give us pause?

Washington Post? No.
New York Times? No.
CNN? No.

Not even Fox. But yesterday, we got a call from...

The Daily Show.

Oh crap. What could we possibly have done that got the attention of the Daily Show. This really can't be good.

Turns out they were calling about the design of the logo for the Nuclear Security Summit. Did we design it?

Not us. We direct you to the White House. And breathe a collective sigh of relief.

Turns out, Fox and Friends had done a story on the logo...they said that it looked like the Muslim Cresent.


Okay, I'll buy that... because I suppose if you don't believe in science, an ATOM is REALLY HARD to recognize.

I found a clip of The Daily Show's treatment here. I laughed until I cried.


Jodi H said...

I saw this clip this morning - hilarious!! Unfortunately, I could imagine my step-dad pointing this out to me as fact when we're home this summer on R&R. It made me realize something I hadn't previously thought about in our international life - the unfortunate fact that instead of having these heated "debates" with family in stages throughout the year - they build up to one great big four week "discussion." Yippeee. Anyway, thanks for posting this. It's funny.

Bfiles said...

this was hilarious!!

Big Momma said...

I love John Stewart!

Sidra said...

this is awesome! haha! I posted it on my facebook