Monday, April 26, 2010


Nobody in the Foreign Service likes writing EERs. If you don't believe me, check here, here, here, and here.

Show me a Foreign Service Officer who likes writing their EER and I will show you one of the most arrogant people on the planet.

I hate it. HATE. IT.

So I have been procrastinating.

Our EERs go through April 15. You should have bullet points to your boss by then or shortly thereafter. They have to be all signed, sealed and delivered by May 15 (this year, they have extended the deadline until May 21 because of some problems with the form, which only makes me want to procrastinate more).

The trouble with writing EERs is that everyone walks on water. In order to get promoted, you have to demonstrate that not only do you walk on water, but you can change that water into wine while doing it.

I have reasonably strong self esteem, but arrogant is something I am decidedly not.

My trouble this year is that I am getting a taste of what the FS-02s are having to do, which is basically having to write the whole thing. So they have to describe how they walk on water rather than having their bosses do it based on bullets they have provided.

Like many people, my boss is really really busy, so I am writing a draft of his part for him.

I just finished my draft of his part.

And I feel dirty.

And my fear is he will either leave it as it, and think I am arrogant, or change it, and ruin my chances at getting promoted.

Hate it.



fsowannabe said...

So can't you just re-use prior EER's?

Anonymous said...

Here are my thoughts: You didn't create the system. You didn't start or encourage the "grade inflation." While you can voice your displeasure with the process, you cannot change it (right now, at least). So the only option you really have is to work with the system you're in. You don't have to like it, but you certainly shouldn't feel guilty or compromised for playing the game as it is currently structured. If you think your boss doesn't know how this works, take him / her to lunch and explain it. Voice your discomfort, but inform your boss about how it works.

When good people are stuck in a bad system, all they can do is work the system as it currently exists and try to change it as/when they can.

Anonymous said...

Oh, GIRL. I so hear you.

So. Hear. You.

Am so, so sorry.

Thank you so much for the links- so very, very kind of you - hope this is over soon for you and as painlessly as possible.

FSOWannabe - my understanding is that the narrative of the EER is supposed to be full of what fabulous, incredibly awesome things you've accomplished in the past year (that is being rated), so I don't think re-using prior years would work. You have to re-create the wheel each year based upon all the great things you've done most recently.

Digger said...

One of my co-workers said this morning that there are two kinds of employees: the kind who work really hard to get the job done and the kind who work really hard at sucking up and getting attention. And that the first group generally ends up working for the second. Sigh.