Monday, April 12, 2010

Now for something totally different...

I have decided to take up running.

I'll wait for those of you who know me to stop laughing.

:::tapping foot:::::

Still waiting.

I could give you lots of really good reasons for why I am doing it:

*my wife inspired me
*walking the HASH in Jerusalem inspired me very slowly.
*my cousin died of a heart attack a few weeks ago at age 40 (for those who did not instantly think "wow, that's younger than you are!", I thank you).
*I want to lose weight and get in shape
*I wanted to be able to run with my wife (who am I kidding...she'd pass me in 2.5 seconds at her SLOW pace)
*I've always wanted to run but always started it the wrong way and gave up.

All of those things are true, but they aren't the real reason.

The real reason I decided to take up jogging is that last month, my wife ran her first half marathon.

And she got a cool free hat that says so (well, free if you don't count the entry fee and having to run 13.1 miles to get it).

And I WANT one.

Now I know many of you are thinking I am a little fat for running. I'll just say it is really rude of you to point that out.

So now I am doing the Couch to 5k program and learning to run the right way. And the weirdest thing? I kinda like it. I even have this urge to jog down the long hallways at Main State (though in a suit, that might look weird. Actually, it might look weird under any circumstance at Main State. No, scratch that, they will just think I am a staffer. Which I am. So maybe I will!)

And the endorphines are great.

Plus maybe one day I'll get a cool hat. For free (after paying an entry fee and running a really long way!)


Z. Marie said...

Good for you! I wish I could say you've inspired me to run, too, but who am I kidding? Maybe some day ...

Anonymous said...

I think that's awesome!

I applaud you in your running!

And will let you totally run!

And won't be joining you! :)

I will enjoy hearing all about how wonderful running is! And will take your word for it. :)

Okay, seriously: I have wicked bad knees. And I don't like pain. So running and I wouldn't really get along. But I'm excited for you!

And you are not fat! And nobody is laughing!

The only thing anyone would laugh at is Beau Geste, Mon Ami's entry about his couch to 5k experience on his blog:

It's more than halfway down the blog post, though. You've seen it, right?

Just in case you hadn't, I had to leave the link!

David L. said...

Best way to get inspired to run is to sign up for a race. The urge to not die at that race serves as a great motivator to get out there and increase your stamina little by little. Good luck!

John Burgess said...

I'll point you to my blog, Crossroads Arabia. It's not exactly an FS blog, but a former FS blog. I've been writing it since 2004, when I retired from State.

While in State, I tried pushing the idea of blogs in the face of great resistance. As a way to communicate to local audiences--or arguably more important, to taxpayers--there's not much better.

The problem is control. Those at the top of (or even midway up) aren't at all comfortable with the idea that an underling might get a message out before it's been properly massaged. The quickest career killer, after all, is not an international incident, but causing your boss to end up with flaming red cheeks.

I heartily support your choice to keep blogging. Just be smart while doing it.

Jenna said...

You should try to c25k program! (Couch to 5k). It's helped me get in shape. You can buy an app for it on iTunes.

An Economist said...

You can do it! My only advice for you coming from someone who started running less than a year ago is to do the following: don't overdo it, and be consistent and ruthless with your exercise schedule. Motivation was really hard for me at the beginning but it pays off. Good luck and have fun!

Digger said...

Jenna, that is actually the program I am using. I didn't buy the itunes one (I'm cheap). I found a free podcast on itunes. Of course, by "I found," I mean my wife found and used a year and a half ago...

Jay said...

Good for you! I myself went from "Couch to Runner" just 4 years ago at the age of 40 and I haven't looked back since :) The nice thing about the running is it's the type of activity you can take with you from post-to-post. Have fun!

Anonymous said...

The endorphines are 90% of the reason I run!

Big Momma said...

Hey there! I just wanted to say thank you for all your wonderful comments and advice! You've been a great help!