Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Foreign Service 15

DiploLife has an interesting post about the Foreign Service 15. It is, according to DiploLife, "the typical pounds gained when leaving D.C., on R&R in the U.S., and now I have discovered it can also occur when leaving an overseas post."

I have never heard it called that, but I have certainly experienced it. I would add to his list of times you gain them any time you work on one of the Watches here at Main State. It is not a case of "this may be the last time I get to eat this," but it certainly is a need for extra energy. And in the Operations Center, you can find all the junk food your heart desires on the food trough.

Do you have the foods you have to eat? I know I do! I think I have gained weight every time I came back to the states from overseas or when I was about to leave. When I was in Jerusalem, I made a two-week trip home for some training about a year into my tour. I found my first Starbucks on the way to the baggage claim in New Jersey and got a ginourmous strawberries and creme frappachino. And I ate bagels every day and nearly cried because you can't get good bagels in Jerusalem (yeah, I know, I didn't think that made sense either). And BACON. Any time I got out of Jerusalem, I wanted bacon on EVERYTHING. Turns out, it is not so good on ice cream.

I also eat Arby's roast beefs and of course you have to have a jamocca shake with it. And good mexican. And Outback at least once.

And sushi...though really, I eat sushi at least once a week, not counting the cafeteria sushi, because you just never know if this is the last time you will get to eat it.


Anonymous said...

I gained nearly 15 pounds on R&R in Australia, almost all because of steak, good bread, and oysters.

Luckily this was right after I'd lost 15 after a bout with malaria -- so it came out a wash.

Brooke said...

Ahhh, Bacon! We too are craving bacon at the moment. We have eaten pretty healthy here in Jerusalem but I have a feeling the FS 15 will be after us once we get to D.C. where the bacon flows free...and we'll actually have a job what gives us money.

That Lady, There said...

This is hilarious! But I can relate. When I was living in Germany, working for RFE/RL, and got a chance to visit the States, I ate stuff I wouldn't touch when I was living here. And the pounds piled on! But I always lost them when I went back.

Thank you, by the way, for your wonderful and supportive comments on my blog. Bless you, Digger!

Liz said...

The food in Kabul is terrible, so my husband and I overindulge every time we leave. We are heading to the states for our very first home leave in mid-May. We are going to work hard to fight off the FS 15, especially since we'll be spending a lot of time with family and they are going to want to treat us right.

Connie said...

Another problem is the 'just one more' going away party/dinner/feast.