Sunday, April 18, 2010

A better label

Ryan over at Ryan and Lori's Exciting Adventures apparently likes my new blogroll labeling, especially in labeling the blogs done by male EFMs like Ryan. I have to say, I like his new acronym for male EFMs.


Or Beside Real Officer, Sighing.

I think his point about having to defend his maniless when people discover he is going to follow Lori illustrates just how deeply ingrained our stereotypes really are. And it is amazingly unjust, considering that just like in the military, Foreign Service spouses are serving our country.

So instead of pissing myself off, I am going to think of my labels as a useful way of proving that we don't need no stinkin' stereotypes!

Thanks Ryan!


Esquiver said...

Ok, I can see the point with EFMs. But what's up with the "Female FSO" designation? Surely the default for FSO isn't it? (Or does it only seem like it sometimes? :-P)

Esquiver said...

...And, of course, you have a whole thread about it further down. Did I mention that I was a new reader?

Digger said...

Well then welcome!

Heather W. Torrance said...

I just fine this whole thing about questioning manhood funny. First of all, Ryan's totally manly. (And I know Lori won't hit me for saying that, because she agrees.)

But secondly, for me, not being able to work would be difficult, and I'm a woman. And I think lots of women feel this way. There are tons of blogs of SAHMs out there who are very conflicted about giving up their careers. Why people think it's natural for a woman to sit at home and not a man is just strange. Women work A LOT. Stats show that in heterosexual couples, even when women work outside the home we still do more of the housework.

- Heather

Digger said...

I agree Heather. I think the manly Ryan just found a troll who was insecure about his own manhood.