Tuesday, April 27, 2010

EERing and moving on

I am convinced that Catholics have a guilt sponge surgically implaced at baptism and for the rest of our lives, whether we are practicing Catholics or not, we absorb any free-floating guilt in the room and make it our own.

I have been feeling guilty about procrastinating about writing my EER. It has made it so that I couldn't do anything else (well...except run - did I mention I am starting Week 5 of Couch to 5K today? - and blog, because guilt shared is guilt enhanced). So I haven't really given myself over to thinking about my onward. I have also gotten very little done on my dissertation.

But now that my EER is moving towards being complete (I still need to write my response to his part, but that is much easier), I can move on to fantasizing about my next assignment.

So in just a mere 7 weeks, or 34 more working days (since I am taking a long weekend in May to go to the beach), I will be done with these 12-14 hour days. I will move on the the bliss of sleeping a little later, biking to work, wearing blue jeans for work attire, and studying like a college student. Okay, probably better than a college student, or at least better than *I* was as a college student!

And I can start thinking about my next post.

Baltic Reports on Facebook helped me out with that a bit today by posting some pictures of Tallinn. I'll leave you with this non-copyrighted one. This link will take you to where you can see the rest.

I am also going to start working more on my dissertation. Tomorrow.


Anonymous said...

LOL on the Catholic guilt sponge!! Too funny.

And can't wait to hear what topic the dissertation is on!

fsowannabe said...

Good luck on week 5 - isn't that where you go have a drastic increase in run time?

Digger said...

Yes it is. Tomorrow, I will alledgedly be able to run for 20 minutes without stopping when up to now, I have run a maximum of 8 minutes without walking. Scary scary!