Thursday, November 13, 2014

Don't expect to get kissed....

You probably (hopefully) noticed we had an election last week. Hopefully you even voted.

You probably (hopefully) also noticed that the Republicans gained control of the Senate and maintained control of the House.

The Washington Post had a good piece on why this might make federal employees nervous. Because you can bet money that federal employees will be getting screwed again. And don't expect to get kissed.

"A look at what the Republican-dominated House has already approved provides a good indication of what will soon get much greater consideration in a Republican-dominated Senate. For starters, take the budget plan the House approved in April.

It would save Sam $125 billion over 10 years — at the expense of his employees.

The GOP has repeatedly given feds good reason to be wary of a Republican-controlled Congress. Last year’s 16-day partial government shutdown was engineered largely by recalcitrant House Republicans. At the same time, it’s worth remembering that the three-year freeze on federal pay rates was proposed by President Obama, a Democrat, and approved with a bipartisan congressional majority. Those two things, the pay freeze and the shutdown, angered the workforce and hurt its morale more than any other issues in recent years."

That's right, we get to continue to be Congress's favorite whipping boy. They will make cuts to our pay and our retirement, even though federal salaries make up only 15% of discretionary spending, and discretionary spending is only about 29% of the entire federal budget.

But it makes them look good to their voters.

Guess whose salaries and retirements won't face any cuts?

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