Sunday, October 28, 2012

More Than Was Promised

I am just going to go on record as saying that is not so hot at predicting snowfall totals in Estonia.

Because really, one inch is not equal to like 8 inches.

I know that and I am no math genius.

And of course, all that snow had to come Friday night, which would ordinarily be great since we didn't have to get up early on Saturday.

Except of course, we did, because we had scheduled an appointment for the car's 70,000 mile check up.

And of course, I thought the appointment was at 11. But it was at 1:30.

So we had to drive out there and then get a taxi home and back there later.

And of course, all of this was without our snow tires, because the deadline for having your snow tires on is December 1st. December, not October.

On a side note, snow tires here are seriously awesome. They have metal studs in them to help with your traction. Seriously awesome. Too bad they aren't legal in the states.

We did try to get an appointment to get our tires changed when we saw the forecast, but so apparently did every other person in Estonia. So we are hoping to get an appointment next week.

Because according to, we are supposed to have snow showers later this week.

Which probably means we will have a blizzard.


Daniela Swider said...

Ha, I didn't know snow tires were illegal in the US. They came in real handy during the snowy winders in Bulgaria. Now, why would they be illegal?

Digger said...

Just the ones with metal studs are illegal because they damage the roads.