Sunday, August 26, 2012

Yep, I Went Gaga

Really, I am too old to do what I did last night.

Lady Gaga came to Tallinn. I like her music, as is evidenced by my iPod, but I have never cared one way or the other about whether or not I got to see her in person.

Actually, I am this way about most performers. Other than Elton John, who I have seen twice in my life, and BETTY, who I have now seen perform four times (all for work but I enjoyed every minute), I am just not that into going to concerts.

Too loud. Too many people. Too tiring.

Last night's concert was all of that and then some, but I am really glad we went. We had a blast!

The concert was held at the Song Festival Grounds, which meant standing the entire time. And the grounds have really limited parking, which means walking or cabbing to get there.

But because it was a standing venue, we were able to get really good tickets at the last minute. I wouldn't have even attempted it in the states...we all know the ticket mafia in the states makes sure that the decent seats are gone milliseconds after they go on sale.

There are of course disadvantages to a standing concert. One is that you have to stand for HOURS (six by my count). The other is that in the land of seriously tall people, being short is HARD. So my original spot was almost right next next to the runway part of the stage (you can sort of tell that from the photo below...that is can also tell iPhones don't do good action shots). There were only two people between me and the stage...but they were both like seven feet tall. So I ended up moving back to the rear part of that area (which was still really close to the stage) and having a much better view.

Which you need at a Gaga concert. Because MAN does she put on a show! And the show tells a story. So you need to be able to see the whole stage.

And like I said, the show was a blast. The music was great and she knows how to cater to an audience. Like regularly throwing Estonia into songs (like in You and I, instead of singing about her cool Nebraska guy, she said her cool Estonian guy). And in the part where she drives a motorcycle around the stage, having an Estonian flag flying from it. And telling the crowd that the guy at the hotel told her not to be offended if the Estonians didn't make a lot of noise because they were very reserved...she told them that they proved that f*cker wrong!

I also loved the pro-American sentiment of the crowd...lots of American flag clothing to be seen...including the guy next to me by the stage with his American flag bandana, and the little girl she brought onstage to dance with her during her encore who was wearing American flag pants.

Today, I woke to my wife singing songs to and about the cats to the tune of Gaga songs...I guess she had fun too! Plus, she is impossibly cute. But don't tell her I said so.

As for me, I am indeed too old to stand for six hours and then walk two miles home at midnight. Today there is pain, groaning and advil in my life.

But I'd do it again! :)

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