Thursday, August 09, 2012

I'm On A Boat!

Public Diplomacy in Tallinn this week has had a decidedly military flavor.

We had a reception for some Estonian Wounded Warriors who had just returned from a week-long bike ride in Germany with other Wounded Warriors from the U.S. We had some U.S. cadets in town.

Yesterday, there were concurrent ceremonies at Arlington Cemetery and Ämari Air Base to honor Major Martin Kommendant, who was an Estonian-born American shot down in Vietnam. His remains were finally recovered and he was interred at Arlington.

And then today was kind of like this (warning: explicit lyrics!):

Actually, it was not at all like that. But it was exactly like this:

The USS Farragut is visiting Tallinn, and we arranged for the media to get a tour of the vessel. Poor me, I had to go to the harbor and tour the ship with them!

Life is hard!

And this is the view from the pilot house: as a PD officer is awful! :)