Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Where Have You Been?

Latvia, that's where!

One of the reasons I have been out of pocket is that the three Baltic Public Affairs Sections had an offsite in Riga. And since I took my iPad instead of my computer, blogging would have been challenging.

The offsite was incredibly useful...we got to meet a bunch of our colleagues for the first time, reconnect with others (one of them is an A-100 classmate of mine...and a friend as well!). And there were a bunch of great ideas shared...some I plan unabashedly to steal!

It was my first time to Latvia, but definitely not my last! There are so many things there I had no time to see but that I really want to.

But the one thing I did get to see...er, eat...Ze Donats!

I hear they are coming soon to Tallinn. Can't happen soon enough.

But in the meantime, I brought some home for my wife and I to share.

In related news, I learned, when someone asked my wife in Estonian if she liked the donuts, what the Estonian word is for donut. And also that the cafe where I have been eating for seven months is named "Donut Cafe."


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