Friday, March 16, 2012

I'm Kind Of Like a Drug Dealer

Only the really sad middle-man kind who never makes any money because he consumes the product.

On my list of things I always miss about the U.S. is one of my drugs of choice...Girl Scout cookies (the other drug of choice is Diet Mt. Dew of course).

So when it is Girl Scout cookie time, I try to appoint myself drug dealer...find a source, offer the product to other, who always buy in. (This year, my sources was Jen and her daughter K over at The Dinoia Family. Thanks Jen!)

It is kind of a disease really.

It started when I was a kid...I was never a Girl Scout, but I was a Brownie (the sort of entry level of Girl Scouts...I think there wasn't a Girl Scout troop once I was old enough but I am not certain. It could have just been that I was protesting because I wanted to be a Boy Scout - they DO get to do much cooler stuff than the Girl Scouts).

Still, my lack of camping badges aside, there is a warm place in my heart for the Girl Scouts. They were founded in the South (Savannah), and they have been gay friendly WAY before it was cool to be gay friendly (actually, it still isn't cool to be gay friendly in the South, except maybe in places like Folly Beach, SC (my favorite place on earth), who just passed a non-discrimination ordinance...they were pretty inclusive even without the ordinance, even back when I lived there twenty years ago...but I digress).

So while I wasn't a Girl Scout, I was a Girl Scout camp counselor (that was a cool job!), and because they had long since been gay friendly, I was allowed to tell two girls there who were struggling with their sexuality that they were okay. That there was nothing wrong with them, and that if it ended up that they were gay, they would still be okay with nothing wrong with them. One girl was being picked on because she was so boyish, and I was able not just to make her feel better about herself but to demonstrate to the other girls that bullying wasn't going to be tolerated and that this girl was just fine. And because I was the counselor with the cool activity (I ran the ropes course...the girls called me Rambo), they started treating the boyish girl better.

I feel good about what I did there. And I feel good about supporting the Girl Scouts now when they are being attacked by the far right for things that are flat out not true.

Of course, all of that good feeling could be the drugs talking. But I'll take it. I'll also take another box of Thin Mints please.


Jen said...

You are very welcome, and that follow-up order is likely a go!

Unknown said...

You're welcome and thank you for mentioning me! Kelsey

LeslieHW said...

I'm just happy that the GS brought back my favorite cookie 'Savannah Smiles'. Missed them like crazy last year.

I'm especially happy to support the GS this year.

Robyn Ann Jane Alice McCutcheon said...

Alas, I know of no one GS selling cookies in Bucharest this year. Even if I would have consumed them myself at one go, I would like to have shown support. Girl Scouts U.S.A. are not only gay friendly; they have taken a real stand this year by being trans friendly as well.

Digger said...

Hey Robyn, I can put you in touch with my "dealer." I think they have some left...

Robyn Ann Jane Alice McCutcheon said...

I would love that! Could you write to me by e-mail at

Thank you so much!