Monday, March 31, 2008

WAMU: The Future of the Foreign Service

Today at noon on WAMU (88.5FM, the radio station for American University) there will be a discussion of the FS. Streaming audio of the show will be available approximately one hour after the show ends.

The Future of the Foreign Service

They're a key tool in the exercise of America's "soft power"- civilian diplomats tasked with representing America across the globe. Kojo explores the major challenges confronting America's diplomatic corps in a time of evolving international challenges.

* Steve Kelly, Senior Foreign Service Officer and Division Director in the Career Development and Assignments Office, U.S. Department of State

* Steven Kashkett, Vice President, American Foreign Service Association

* Carlos Pascual, Vice President and Director of Foreign Policy, Brookings Institution; U.S. Ambassador to Ukraine (2000-2003)

* Ann Syrett, Chief of the Outreach Branch and Coordinator for the Diplomats in Residence Program, U.S. Department of State

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