Monday, November 29, 2010

Where, Oh Where?

....have the yahoo groups gone?

Tumbleweeds noticed yesterday that the FSOA and FSOT Yahoo Groups have apparently been deleted. The moderators are working with Yahoo to get them restored as quickly as possible, and have set up a temporary group, "FSOT-FSOA" for information updates.

According to the group:

The fswe, fswe_essayprep, fsscareers, and fsoa boards were hacked today (November 27). As you must be aware of by now, the perpetrator(s) deleted all three groups.We are actively working with Yahoo! to resurrect the boards, but it will likely take a few days. We know that some of you rely on the information contained being readily available at the click of a mouse, but don't panic. As Kungfu Panda learned, "There is no secret ingredient."People have been getting into the Foreign Service long before these groups were even a glint in Steffan's eyes.You can do it.--

I'd love to hear any updates anyone has. I think it is a realy shame, because I know a lot of people rely on these groups not just for information but also support. Joining the service is a long a tedious process, and having comrades who are going through the same thing is a real help.

Here's hoping they get restored soon.


Zee said...

thank you for this informative post. i was confused when i realized the FSWE and FSOA yahoogroups had ceased to exist. i am very thankful to hear that these wonderful online communities will hopefully be restored soon. meanwhile, thanks for opening this blog to the public and giving FSO hopefuls a little glimpse into life in the foreign service!

Nick S said...

Perhaps you could highlight the temporary solutions that exist until the groups return?

Temporary Yahoo group: