Tuesday, November 02, 2010

A Little Better

Today was a little better in language.

Our language testing supervisor stopped by and listened as we did our first speaking at length. Basically, we got a random picture and had to talk about it. I decided my picture was of a bunch of angry grandmothers. Why were they angry? Because the soldier in the picture was playing the accordion...badly! And I was able to do it. Not great, but okay.

So that was a little better.

Then we started officially working on the "In" Case.

Except we have been using that case for a long time.

And suddenly it dawned on me...all these endings I don't know are things we have not covered officially. We've brushed on them, but not really covered them.

So I am not behind. I am where I am supposed to be.

Which is a happy thing.

In less happy news, the condo association sent me an email asking when we would move the storage pod that is in the parking lot. You know, the one with our furniture in it because of the ceiling collapse? The one that still has my furniture in it because the repairs are not yet completed because the condo association's insurance company took two months to TURN US DOWN?

Really? They don't think I want it gone and my life back more than they do??

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ForeignObsession said...

Good luck with the language...I took my Spanish test today and if I had to do all the BS in a language I have just learned...I would not know what to do.

So my best to you. Good luck!!!