Tuesday, November 09, 2010

Back to Life, Back to Reality

Got that song on your mind, didn't I?

Anyway, you'd think after yesterday's news, we could just celebrate by cancelling my progress test tomorrow, right?

Yeah! So did I!

Apparently we don't get a vote. Apparently devoting my life to the service of our democracy does not translate into my getting a vote in language class.

So tomorrow if my progress test. So unfair.

But here is my question for you: do I stufy study study tonight and try to cram more words (and endings) into my head, or do I eat ice cream and watch HGTV?

In other (more fun), I finally met Kolbi from A Daring Adventure in person today. She seems to be having as much fun in Chinese as I am in Estonian. We have a date to eat sushi and commiserate next week.

Because sushi fixes everything.


Alix Bryant said...

what's a good sushi place around here?

Digger said...

My favorite is Maruko (formerly Matuba) on Columbia Pike next to the Arlington Cinema and Drafthouse.

Daniela Swider said...

I wouldn't do too much tonight. The chances that you will remember and be able to reproduce what you cram tonight are not very good. I'd review things a little and get a good rest. Best of luck!

TSB said...

You could also try Cafe Asia in Rosslyn (Wilson Boulevard), especially at Happy Hour.

Digger said...

I like Cafe Asia (I have been there quite a few times for happy hour), but I much prefer Maruko.

Jen said...

A short review followed by HGTV and ice cream...good luck!

Becky said...

Good luck!

ForeignObsession said...

HAHAHA...yes...As soon as I read the title...the song came to mind.

= )