Sunday, November 28, 2010

Tumbleweeds is back!

Most of you don't know this, but Editfish over at Tumbleweeds was the inspiration for my blogrolls. Editfish had a pretty substantial blogroll of FS blogs, and it was that which gave me the idea of trying to have a blogroll of ALL the Foreign Service blogs (or at least all that I could find...I still search for new ones every day).

But alas, Editfish stopped publishing back in 2007. I left the link up just in case.

And it seems Editfish is back! I noticed yesterday that there were three new posts (two of them are backdated) talking about Editfish's renewed process of taking the FSOT.

I hope Editfish either is or soon will be part of the FS family.

Welcome back!


Dan said...

Hey, I've loved reading your blog. I'm hoping to get added to your massive blogroll. I just accepted an appointment to the February 2011 A-100 class.

Digger said...

Congrats Dan! I added you to the blogroll of future FS blogs!

Editfish said...

Hey Digger, thanks for the warm welcome back. My leave of absence lasted a little longer than anticipated but I can't let it sit idle now... ;)