Saturday, January 03, 2015

Making Resolutions

I am notoriously bad at making New Year's Resolutions. Okay, not at making them, but definitely at keeping them.

About the only resolution I ever kept was that one year for Lent, I gave up giving up things for Lent. And I nearly wavered on that!

So this year, I decided on a "To Do" list. All of the things on it need to be completed before we move to Kosovo in July,

* Clear out the garage so I can put the car there if it snows.
* Move the work table from the basement to the garage and make a work space there
* Get the gutters cleaned
* Organize the boxes in the basement into boxes for storage and HHE.
* Buy colored labels for those boxes
* Sort through the books we want to donate to the Friends of the Library.

Turns out, I am way better at "to do" lists than resolutions. In just three days, I have cleared the garage, gotten the gutters cleaned, and organized the boxes.  I am going to try to buy the labels this afternoon. I have a repair guy coming next weekend and I am going to see about getting him to help with the table (read: offer to pay him and his assistant to move it so I don't have to try to get it out of the basement with my crappy knees!)

That will just leave the books. My wife needs to go through them too, so that may take a little longer to get done. But that still means my list is nearly finished!

Are you making any reolutions/"to do" lists? What's on them?

And Happy New Year!

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Margaret said...

Clean the gutters. Definitely. If you don't want to do it yourself hire somebody. But get them clean before the roof rots.
Love your blog. Cheers,