Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Things I love about Estonia

I started this post month's before I depart post, because I keep thinking of all the things I will miss about Estonia.

For example:
* My staff
They sent me this when I was in the hospital
* The beautiful people and their beautiful Estonian flag

* The beautiful Estonian language

* Long summer days
About 11 p.m.
* Beautiful old churches
Kaarma Kirik on Saaremaa
* The pagan symbology in some of those churches
Pentacle inside Kaarma Kirik
* Maausk (earth religion), from which that symbology derives

* The Christmas market
Old City Christmas market
* Crisp, clean air

* The Old City

* And how the Old and New come together in Tallinn

* Regional Outreach to the island of Saaremaa
Kuuressaare Castle
* Estonian humor

* Kuum shokolad at KehrWieder (like drinking a chocolate bar!)

* Cafe VS (The Indian food there is awesome!)

* Smoked cheese soup, especially the tomato kind at:

* Van Krahli Aed

* Wi-fi that is faster and usually cheaper (often free) than in the U.S.

* How well everything works

* Like the narrow streets. People actually take turns letting each other through. That would NEVER happen in the states!

* Helkurs (reflectors everyone wears on their coats so they can be seen by cars on the long winter nights...the ad says Don't Forget the Helkur...You are hard to forget.")

* Frozen waterfalls
Jagala Falls

* Studded tires in the winter (yep, those are metal studs...I am taking those babies to Kosovo!)

* Tartu (especially that cool, leaning building)

* Going mushrooming
Don't eat that

* My shower (it reminds me of an old Star Trek transporter tube and has a radio).

* Narva (and being closer to Russia than Sarah Palin!)
The Narva River, Estonian-Russian border,
with a castle on each side (Russia is on the right)

Ivangorod castle in Russia from inside Narva castle

* The Narva Soap Box Derby
Turbo Chicken...his crash was spectacular!

* The TV Tower
The famous TV Tower

A long way down from the top

And to be fair, I should also list what I dislike about Estonia:

* Leaving

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Dziesma said...

I enjoy reading and hearing about diplomats who come to love the countries in which they are posted. Of course, one could argue that some countries are easier to love than others, but it's still nice. Very impressive list, and great photos! Sounds like you'll take many wonderful memories along as you continue on your adventures.