Saturday, March 01, 2014

And speaking of doing the right thing....

Speaking of doing the right thing, let me introduce you to our Ambassador to Uganda, Scott DeLisi.

He recognizes that getting to come to the United States is a privilege, one you probably shouldn't get if you

So he said that some visas may be denied for those people.

In an interview with the BBC World Service, Ambassador DeLisi, responding to a question about articles published by the Red Pepper newspaper under the headline “Uganda’s Top 200 Homos Named,” said:
“We as a government … are appalled by the course that the Red Pepper has chosen...What they do within their society I may not be able to control, but I can tell you they will not be welcome in the United States of America…. Visas can be denied for people who incite violence, people who propagate hate, who have used political violence. There are many bases on which we can deny a visa. And I can tell you that we will be examining all of these issues as we move forward.”


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