Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Welcome to the 175th A-100

I have gotten really slack.

I haven't welcomed in the newest A-100 in, well, forever.

I had even lost count. I had to go back to the A-100 yahoo group to figure it out.

And I have no idea who the new bloggers are.

So if you are out there and want to be added to my blogroll, let me know.

And if you are joining the Foreign Service in the 175th A-100 class (the 166th, 168th, 169th, 171st, 172nd, 173rd, or 174th or any other ones I missed),


I do want to welcome any bloggers from those classes, including:


Cupcake Diplomacy (longtime female FSO blogger now featuring tandem issues!) 

EDIT: I heard from another 175th blogger, Of Elephants and Castles. The blog is written by a female FSO and her male EFM. Make sure to check it out!

And welcome!

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Me, A Kid in the World said...

Thanks for the welcome! If you're interested in another blog to add to your very extensive FS blog list, you can add It's about Foreign Service life from the perspective of an 11-year-old boy. :-)